Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool 11: Self Assessing and Reflecting

1.Poll everywhere is one of the tools that I really like.  I could use this tool to check for understand,  I could also use this tool to assign bonus points.  

2. I am more confident now with technology.  I believe it is an excellent well to reinforce concepts and to engage students. It is always exciting when new skills are integrated in the class.

3. I think it would have benefit the teachers more by doing it over the summer.  With testing and so many other duties, I am only able to skim the surface.  

Tool 9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

  1. Tying technology to the objective is an excellent way to engage the students. Technology is an integral part of today's society and integrating it in learning is an way to reach all students. The best thing about integrating technology is it enable students to access the assignments for anywhere.
  2. Students should be held accountable for stations/centers because this will ensure that all students are learning. The stations/centers will reinforce the concepts presented.
  3. I visited Mangahigh and Ten Marks. I truly like both sites. I could use both sites to create reviews for upcoming tests. I could hold students accountable by assigning each section as an assignment in the gradebook.
  4. Algebra Genie and HMH Math on the Spot. I could use use these apps to drill mathematical concepts. By assigning daily grades for each station, this will hold students accountable for each station.
  5. I could see the students research mathematicians and discussing how they have contributed to mathematics.

Tool 10: Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

1. I want my students to understand that they should only visit sites that have been approved by the district. They must not post contact information, such as; phone numbers. They also must be careful what they post. They should not post comments that are inappropriate. These parameters are set for their safety.
2. The video on Wes Fryer's Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog about the digital dossier is very eye opening. I think this video will cause many of the students to think before they access or post.
3. I could teach digital citizenship to the students by explaining it through websites, videos, and by verbal talking about it.
4. I feel parents need to know about digital citizenship as well. Some parents do not monitor their children's internet use. I could share the idea on my website or by sending home letters.

Tool 8:Taking a look at the Tools.

1. I learned how to connect to the wireless network, enlarging the screen, and all of the functional keys; such as; volume and keyboard.

2. I will manage the devices by allowing the students to use them only with my permission. They will not be able to use them during lecture or visit sites that are not mathematics related.

Tool 7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

Students will demonstrate mastery of factoring trinomials by participating in games on Manga High. I will work with Lelia Culpepper to complete this project. The objective is to get the kids to factor trinomials easily. We will implement it in the spring semester and use Manga High. The students can be very competitive at times. I think it will be great fun for them and an excellent way to reinforce mathematical skills. We will use this as a review project.